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Held at our New Venue

Crawley Rugby Club, Willoughby Fields, Ifield, Crawley, Sussex.

We would like to thank  the Rugby Club & CBCC for
all their help and support in allowing us to use this excellent venue

Judges (Total entries 121)

Dogs Mrs Shirley Jackson

Bitches Mrs Sue Binden

Long Coats Mrs Gerri French-Forsythe 


Bitch CC &  Best of Breed

Tramella Dolce
owned by Mr R Rambridge & Miss K Sygrove

Bitch Res CC

Veneze Immy
Owned by Mr & Mrs Cullen

Dog CC Winner

Owned by Mr H Kelbach

Res CC Winner

Owned by Mr & Mrs Cullen

Best Puppy

Draycore Woon at Flyhart
Owned by P Tuck


Judges Report - Bitches

I would like to thank the SATS committee for the invitation to judge their show.  Once again the weather wasn’t  kind to us, but thank you to the exhibitors for standing in the rain & my Steward.  I ended up with some very soggy notes .

I can only judge the dogs that were entered under me, and I was very pleased with all my class winners, CC & RCC winner.  Temperaments were all good apart from one.

Minor puppy –(6) 5

Tuck,s Draycore Woona at Flyhart -  6 months old and still a baby, Strong but fem  black/ gold female with dark face & dark eyes, well bone, good feet, good topline into a well moulded croup.  Nice hindquarters.     Steady side gait but needs training.   Sound coming and going.  Turned out in lovely condition.

Courtney’s Kazaura Coral  6.5 month Very alert fem female, slightly steep upper arm, good bone and feet.  Nice topline but croup could be slightly longer. Sound coming, steading side gait when settled.

Yates/Llewellyn’s Norwulf Zyta at Akir

Puppy Bitch – (3) 2

Betson’s Petali Anya – Lovely 9 month old puppy female,black & gold, fem head with nice expression    and very alert at all times. High withers, very good backline and croup, very good hind angulation which she used when gaiting, just needs to settle and stop pulling so hard.  Sound in both directions.  In lovely condition.    Should have a bright future. BPB

Reynolds Silkenwood Imelda at Reyanheath -  11 month Sable female with alert expression.  Steep upperarm, good backline, croup could be longer and would like a little more angles on her hindquarters.  Not in the best of coat. Steady side gait, needs more forward reach and drive.

Junior bitch – (6) 5

Rambride/Sygrove’s Tramella Dolce -  17 month Strong but fem female of good type. black & gold , well placed ears, High withers ,Good straight legs, with lovely bone and feet, slight steep upper arm. Excellent firm clean lines. Excellent hind quarters which she certainly knows how to use.  Sound both directions with a very powerful side gait and forward reach at all speeds. Held her top line at all times, a joy to watch and award her 1st CC & BIS on referees decision.

Cullens Veneze Immy -  20 month rich black and gold female, have admired her many times.  Fem head with slightly light eye.  Steep upper arm, stands on good strong front legs with excellent feet.  Very good backline into slightly short and steep croup. Very good side gait and sound to and fro, pushed one very hard but was unlucky to meet my first place winner in top form.  RCC

Adamson/Jackson/Munkley,s  Peterwell Kamilla

Novice – (6) 3

Cullens,s Veneze Harrietta -  17 months vey shapley female.  Medium/Strong ,     slightly light eyes. Very good backline line and underline  into a nice croup, slightly steep upper arm.  Needs to tighten coming, sound going away, good steady side gait but slightly rolling across the withers.     Turned out in excellent condition as always from this kennel.

Adamson/Jackson/Munkley,s  Peterwell Kesha – 15 month black gold female. Strong fem head with dark eyes, front could be better. Good topline and very good angled hind quarters.  Good firm,  steady side gait

Special Yearling Bitch – (5) 4

Eastwood/Reilly,s Xavannah Vom Haus Paris – Very rich black/gold 20 month old female.  Fem head with nice expression, high withers, steep upper arm. Stands on good straight front legs .very firm backline, slightly steep croup.  Sound going, close going away.  Steady side gait which she held all the time.

Jackson’s Veneze Gabriella – 22 months.  Black/gold.  Nice eye and fem head.  Short and steep upper arm.  Very good bone and lovely feet.  Good topline, croup a little short.  Fair hind quarters moved very sound in all directions with a stead gait.

Newman’s Pinewolf Sheba

Post Graduate Bitch (4) 2

Kirby,s Draycore Uki -  2 years black/gold female.  Beautiful  dark  head  and excellent expression.  Very alert, maybe too much sometimes, as she didn’t want to settle today. Good length of neck, very nice backline, croup a little short.  Slightly steep upper arm. Good bone and feet. Very good hind angulation     which  she used when she was settled.  Really liked her, but she just needs to calm down a little

Nicholson/Kaczmarcyk,s Norwulf Rosa -  Top size 2 yrs old     female.  good head.  good reach of neck. Slightly steep and short upper arm.  Very nice feet. good  backline,  short  croup.  Fair hindquarters.    Moved round with a very good side gait but could do with better forward reach

Limit Bitch (4) 3

Jermey,s Iolanda Ulka – Very typy Black/gold female, well placed ears, and good expression. A little steep in upper arm, stands correct and straight in front.  Lovely topline and croup.  Good hind quarters.  Excellent firm side gait and sound in all directions. Not in her best coat today

Jones Norwulf Zonda – 3.5 years old black/gold strong top size female.  Nice dark eye.  Very well     boned .  good firm  topline and croup, slightly steep and short upper arm.  Although     not in the best of coats turned out in good condition.  Ultra sound with a very good side gait

Open bitch (3) 2

Nicholson,s Norwulf Juno – Black/gold female of 4 years old.  Nice fem head with dark eyes. Would like neater ears.  Steep upper arm, stands straight in front.  Nice backline and slightly long.  Croup a little steep and short. Steady side gait, but could move a little freer in front.     Sound going away & back.

Hensley’s Zuberg Xandina – strong fem female, black/gold  2.5 year old. Thought she would be the class winner, but not very happy today.  Good reach of neck, nice backline and croup.  Very good hind quarters.  Sound going, slightly wide coming back.  Good forward reach and drive when moving.

Veteran bitch (5) 3

Malletts Ch Maleeze   Misty Dawn – 8 years old lady. A little bit on the heavy side. Strong black/tan female. Quite heady in front, straight backline into a short croup.  In good condition.     Moved around steady and sound and enjoyed her day out.

Jones Norwulf Cherry – Another 8 year old girlie.  Dark fem head and dark eyes, very nice topline  into a good moulded croup, moved slightly stiff on her back leg.  Moved with a steady side gait for his young handler.  Well handled

Judge Sue Binden